Carport Kit Shade Shed 6m x 6m

$3,999.00 $1,999.00
(You save $2,000.00)

Carport Kit Shade Shed 6m x 6m

$3,999.00 $1,999.00
(You save $2,000.00)
  • Compare our high quality shade shed build specifications.
  • You save more because we are factory direct.


Shade Shed Specifications
Comprised of heavy duty STEEL, our shade sheds are solid, stable and large in size, designed to suit any level solid ground. The weight of our carports will show you the difference in quality that we offer, in comparison to other shade sheds that you may be considering.

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Posts.
  • Thick 1.8mm Steel. 50mm x 50mm.
  • Full Corner Clearance.
  • Anti Rust, Colour Coated, Double Pressed 0.35mm Thick Gable Roof Panels.
  • Tight & Secure 'Slot & Lock' System Reduces Frame Shaking.
  • Dual Wall Bracings with Heavy Duty Frame Structure.
  • Our Shade Sheds are Transportable & Portable.
  • Flat Packed For Delivery. Easy Assembly With Instructions.
  • Why Pay Retail? Buy Direct and Save Thousands.
Premium Engineered Shade Sheds
  • All shade shed posts are extremely solid, featuring 50mm x 50mm sizes which are 1.8mm thick, further reinforced and protected by Hot-Dip Galvanization.
  • Furthermore, we reinforce the shade shed structure using dual wall bracings. Coupled with the tight and secure 'slot and lock' frame system ensures that the shade shed frame is stabilised and reduces shaking.
  • In addition, our shade sheds are designed to maximise height, eliminating space restrictions, providing you with full corner clearance.
  • Our carports are HEAVY! This shade shed weighs approximately 450KG!
  • Our DIY car port kits are completed with a robust, strong gable roof system using anti-rust colour coated roof panels. The medium-grey colour of our shade shed kit roof panels ensures that it is timeless, blending in with the exterior of your home or commercial space.
  • Versatile and adaptable, our car port kits and shade sheds can also be used as a garage, portable shelter, pergola marquee or outdoor tent. You can install our carports and shade sheds in your backyard, driveway or farm and they can also be utilised for commercial spaces.
  • Our shade sheds are affordable. Whether you are building, renovating or are on a tight 'shed' budget, we are factory direct. Purchase from us and save thousands.
  • Shade Shed Width: 6 meters (from left to the right)
  • Shade Shed Depth: 6 meters (from front to back)
  • Shade Shed Roof Height: 3.9 meters
Approximate Weight
  • Approximately 450KG's
  • Delivered in 6 x Cartons
  • Flat Packed For Delivery
Suitable Foundations
  • Concrete Footings
  • Slabs or Piers
  • Flat Ground
  • Shade Shed Carport Footprint is 6125 x 6070
  • Overbuild On These Measurements To Allow For Tolerance During Assembly
  • We use third party couriers to deliver to all over Australia (metro, country and regional), where their partner depots are located. All shade sheds are delivered to a depot closest to you, where you may arrange pickup.
  • A Ute, Van, 7 Foot Trailer or Truck is highly recommended. The carport kit will be forklifted onto your vehicle. Please bring along someone to help you lift and load into your vehicle (and tie down equipment) if it can not be forklifted on due to your vehicle type / shape.
  • For a delivery quote, kindly Email Us with your suburb and postcode and we can confirm the delivery fee to the closest depot to your location.