Shade Shed Assembly

Posted by Gritty Palace Carports Shade Sheds on 27th May 2023

How do you assemble a carport shade shed?

Gritty Palace shade sheds and carports are extremely easy to assemble, requiring only two people to erect.

Our steel shade sheds and carports are supplied in a prefabricated kit form which includes all fixtures, fittings and also roofing sheets for your shade shade.

Gritty Palace Shade Sheds use a unique ‘slot-and-lock’ system to assemble your carport and shade shed in minimal time. Each of the steel shade shed and carport components are fabricated with male and female fittings.

Therefore, to assemble your carport and shade shed simply slot the male steel frame component into the female. Lock this together using the included fixtures and fittings.

How to build a Shade Shed?

The easiest way to assemble and build your shade shed is from the ground up. 

An assembly manual is included with your Gritty Palace carport and shade shed kit to guide you through the process.

  • Essentially, you will assemble each steel rail base of your shade shed first.
  • The rail base of your carport is the component that will be anchored to your foundation. There are a variety of shade shed anchors available and ours are very secure.  The shade shed anchors for your Gritty Palace carports are already included in your carport kit.
  • You will then slot the uprights of your shade shed into the assembled rail base.
  • Thereafter, the rafters of your shade shed are connected to the uprights.
  • The side supports steel beams of your shade shed (which run parallel to the rail base of your carport) are installed next. These bolt directly into your uprights.
  • Finally, install the shade shed roofing sheets (these are included with your Gritty Palace carport kit) and you’re all set.

Shade Shed Kits

Gritty Palace shade shed and carport kits are a versatile, economical and cost effective solution to protect your vehicles, cover your caravan, motorhomes and boats. We are always transparent and our shade shed prices can be seen online. Shade shed sale is on now.

Many clients use our shade sheds on their rural and country properties as horse shelters, to protect their tractors, farming machinery and livestock.

We ship our carports and shade sheds all over Australia. If you need help or require information on Gritty Palace Carports and Shade Sheds, contact our team and we will endeavour to assist.